Alan Charnley – “Images of Nature”

Dr. Alan Charnley, is a well respected Dentist here in Lapeer, Michigan, and an avid Nature Photographer.

I’ve attended several of Dr. Charnley’s Photography presentations, which he shares at the Library,  Seven Ponds Nature Center, and elsewhere. I enjoy his photography a great deal, and find his images inspiring.
I was at his “Iceland Presentation” this week. I arrived early and had a chance to view his photography book “Images of Nature – A Photographic Journey”.  The book encompasses a huge compilation of his great photography (120 pages). He shares his photography often and focuses on creating beautiful images as a hobby.

Charnley’s book is self-published and not available in book stores. The Internet has provided us a gateway to create personal books on-line, at “Snapfish“, “Blub” and others. When you design a book on-line, Blurb offers a feature “Allow the public to purchase your book”. I was happy to discover, when Charnley created his book on Blurb, he allowed it to be available for purchase. Below is link to preview his book and to order one if you wish.

Images of Nature, A Photographic Journey By Alan Charnley
"Images of Nature, A Photographic Journey" By Alan Charnley
CLICK HERE, then click “Preview book” to view it page by page.

~David Sr.