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Sutherland Nature Sanctuary

South of Lapeer there is a great spot for walks, hikes, bird watching, photographing, painting, reading and spending time in the quit woods. When you want to take a nature walk, or any number of other activities, consider Sutherland Nature Sanctuary. It is located on Deihl Rd., South of Pratt Rd., (North of Crampton).  Just a short ride south of Lapeer.

There are no fancy facilities, but there are many things to see. One feature is a pavilion with picnic tables, so take a snack or lunch. The trails are well defined, but it is not difficult to get turned around, so make sure you grab a tail-map prior to venturing off. This is a public location with no entrance fee.

A group of photographers recently put together a Photo-Album for Doris Sutherland who donated the property many years ago, and still visits on special occasions. Here is a link to the scrapbook if you’d like to look through it and see some photos captured there.

Photo Album for Doris:   http://lapeerphotography.com/sutherland/

Official Sutherland Page:  http://glblc.lapeer.org/sutherland.htm

Address CLICK FOR MAP: 3960 Diehl Road Metamora, Michigan, 48455

Trail Map can be located here, although there are usually copies at the trail head TRAIL MAP



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