Honest Abe – photo process

"I can Play the Saw too !!
Abe and his instruments. A created image

I took this photo, yes I did. Yep, with my camera. The dude insisted on being called “Abe”. I wanted to yank that goatee, but decided not to!  Here is a photo of the Real Abraham Lincoln .  I’m going with “My photo is not the same guy”, despite similarities.  I seem to recall reading something about him being shot in 1865 while seated in his booth by a guy named Booth in the Ford theater while watching the play Our American Cousin. I should have asked him about that.

Seriously… This was a project I did to make a modern photo look “period”. If it were a 150 year old photo, it would possibly be faded and or distressed. And I made it an odd aspect ratio, which in the late 1800’s there were odd photo sizes and I wanted an non-standard aspect.

Thanks to Photoshop and layers I created this image using several layers using different blending modes and opacities.

Here was my process:
I created a several layer file in Photoshop to create the the final image at the right.  And the slideshow below shows the process, almost step by step. At least enough steps to give you an idea of the process.

1. Open original image.

2. Convert Color photo to Black and White (not show)

3. Fix/eliminate modern items
(Electrical and lights)

4. Add a layer of distress and boarder edge

5. Blend the layer

6. Add some black bordering

7. Added Layer mask in order to remove
enough of the distress layer to allow the image
to be viewable.

Here is a slideshow to give you
an idea of the process:
Abraham Lincoln